Vegan Sugar Cookies

I offer Vegan Sugar Cookies in Vanilla, Almond or Chocolate (additional assorted flavors available upon request).  These cookies are moist and delicious, egg & dairy free and are hand decorated for any occasion using aqua faba meringue. 

 1 doz $72

Order Vegan Sugar Cookies Here

Vegan Puppy Chow

Classic Puppy Chow only VEGAN!  This is one of my top sellers!  Great for Parties!

Minimum order 

2 lbs  $30

Order Vegan Puppy Chow Here

Vegan "Crack" Snack Mix

Vegan "Crack" Snack mix is salty, sweet & crunchy!!!! YUM. Minimum order

2 lbs $30

Order Vegan "Crack" Snack Mix Here

Vegan Twix Bars

Vegan Twix bars are delicious shortbread cookies topped with vegan carmel, dipped in vegan chocolate & decorated with vegan sprinkles!  

1 doz $52

Order Twix Bars Here

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